You know their stories – tell me so I can preserve them

Every now and then, while I’m proofing the paper, I come across a line in an obituary that stops me in my tracks.

Years ago, at a daily newspaper in Ohio, it was a mention that the deceased woman had been a World War II pinup girl. The accompanying photo backed up the claim – she was a stunning looking woman, in full pinup makeup.

More recently, I saw a mention of a Calhoun County woman, born in Iowa, who worked at a California factory during World War II before returning to the Midwest.

Whenever I read lines like that, my first thought is: How did they get that job? My second thought is: Why didn’t anyone tell me about that? I could have written about it.

I’m always looking for a good story, and I love sharing people’s stories with their communities. So I’m putting out an open call for story ideas: Who do you know who is doing something amazing and awesome? Who is working their dream job? Who holds a patent that the community doesn’t know about? 

Read more in the July 19 edition.