Woodbury County makes the case to join Rolling Hills region

The Woodbury County Board of Supervisors is hoping supervisors in seven local counties, including Calhoun, accept their request to join the Rolling Hills Community Services region for mental health services.

But some members of the Rolling Hills governance board – comprised of one supervisor from Buena Vista, Calhoun, Cherokee, Crawford, Sac, Ida and Carroll counties – said they weren’t sure they could support the project, or that they couldn’t get the rest of their respective Boards of Supervisors on board with the proposal.

Supervisor Jeremy Taylor, who serves on the Sioux River Region governance board, said Woodbury County supervisors have tried for several years to get along with its assigned region, which began with four counties – Woodbury, Plymouth, Sioux and Cherokee. Cherokee County left the Sioux River Region several years ago and joined with Rolling Hills. Taylor said supervisors thought a change in representatives to the Sioux River board might resolve some of the issues, but that didn’t happen. 

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