In which we try our hand at ghost hunting

Rainbow bridge is seen at dusk. 

A trip to Rainbow Bridge at dusk is creepy, even without knowing that a chocolate-loving ghost might be on hand.

But knowing you might run into something a little unearthly, when it’s dark and the cool breeze is picking up? Goosebumps.

Let me back up a bit. More than a year ago, I ran into Calhoun County author and historian Darcy Maulsby. I don’t remember how we got on the topic of haunted houses, but I do know we were trading stories with a few people around us. Next thing you know, we were talking about Rainbow Bridge and the stories about the ghost who can steal a candy bar out of the wrapper without a trace.

I started thinking about how fun it would be to go out to the bridge the following October, to lay a bit of ghost bait and see what happened. I invited Darcy along, but the planning never went farther than that. (Cut me some slack. I was very pregnant last fall. And very tired.)

But see, Halloween comes around every year, so I knew I’d get another chance. A few weeks ago, a reminder popped up on my calendar, one I set last year to spur me into action this year. I sent Darcy another message and she said she was in.

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