Trail extension adds more than a third of a mile of walking path for Lohrville

The heart turnaround in the extended Lohrville walking trail is seen. PHOTO PROVIDED

Just east of the parking lot of the Catholic church on Lohrville’s east side, bright, new concrete is waiting for walkers, joggers and cyclists.

The city recently extended its Ralph Earwood Memorial Trail by about four-tenths of a mile, ending with a turnaround centered around a giant heart.

That heart ended up there kind of on the spur of the moment conversation, trail committee member Leonard Moran said.

“One of the workers said, let’s do it in the shape of a heart,” Moran sad. “It was just a thought.”

The thought turned to reality, creating a unique feature. Though initial conversations included the idea of using the empty space as a flower planter, Moran said it’s likely that the city will have the heart filled with red-tinted concrete, creating a permanent heart in the spot.

Standing at the heart, Moran said he often sees children make multiple passes around the turnaround when they’re riding on the path.
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