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Tyler Anderson

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Baseball is a contagious thing. Over the course of nearly two centuries, many individuals are drawn to the proverbial Elysian Fields for the love of the game – from the Major Leagues to sandlots of youth.
Baseball is seen in many places of American culture. There are baseball terms littered all throughout the lexicon, legendary players who are synonymous with important figures of the nation’s history and films such as Field of Dreams, For Love of the Game, Bull Durham and Major League are often quoted and remembered fondly.
It is a sport that is an evolution of ancient games involved a ball and stick and continues to be refined and redefined with each passing season. A season that comes to life with the optimism of spring and winds down before the cool winds and falling leaves of autumn.
Baseball can often span generations, as well, from grandfather to father, from father to son or from grandfather to grandson. Nonetheless, baseball can often be a common link between different people and, most importantly, families.
At South Central Calhoun, that link is no different.
There is no link that draws father and son together like the bond between head baseball coach Nathan Lamphier and his father, assistant coach Mark Lamphier.
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