Texas company touting oil pipeline through Calhoun County

This map, provided by the Dakota Access Pipeline Project, shows the proposed route for the oil pipeline through Calhoun County.

A Texas-based oil company has plans to build an 1,100-mile oil pipeline from North Dakota to Illinois, with a path that takes it through almost 31 miles of Calhoun County.

Landowners whose property the Dakota Access Pipeline Project crosses would get a one-time payment for a lifetime 50-foot-wide easement, project spokeswoman Vicki Granado told The Graphic-Advocate Wednesday evening.

“What we are trying to do is work with farmers and the Iowa Utility Board,” she said. “Our goal is to minimize any impact of the construction.”

Payment to landowners would include compensation for three years of crop losses for the area affected by the easement, with money to cover 100 percent of the potentially lost crops for one year, 80 percent of the losses in the easement for a second year and 60 percent of crop losses in the third year after construction.

Read the full article in the November 26 edition of the Graphic-Advocate.