Supervisors vote to add Woodbury County to Rolling Hills Mental Health region

The mental health region to which Calhoun County belongs will add Woodbury County, home to Sioux City, in 2019.

Calhoun County’s Board of Supervisors added their affirmative vote to four other yes votes, from Buena Vista, Ida, Sac and Cherokee counties, to admit Woodbury to the Rolling Hills region. Crawford County voted no and Carroll County’s Board of Supervisors had not voted on the measure as of last week, Regional Executive Director Dawn Mentzer said.

Woodbury County’s Board of Supervisors has been trying to leave the Sioux Rivers region for months. Rolling Hills Board members discussed the situation at length late last year, questioning Woodbury County officials on what they would bring to the a region filled with rural counties. Adding Woodbury to the Rolling Hills group will double the population the region serves. 

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