Stewart Memorial Community Hospital Creates Nearly $20 Million Impact on Local Economy

Cindy Carstens, CEO, Stewart Memorial Community Hospital

Stewart Memorial Community Hospital generates 404 jobs that add nearly $20 million to Calhoun County’s economy, according to the latest study by the Iowa Hospital Association (IHA).

In addition, Stewart Memorial’s employees by themselves spend $2,431,832 on retail sales and contribute $145,910 in state sales tax revenue.

“The impact that Stewart Memorial and our employees have on the local economy helps to assure a solid economic future for Calhoun County. Decisions for industrial and business locations are significantly influenced by the availability of quality schools and health care. Economic growth is significantly less likely to occur without a strong health care organization. We are honored to be that strong health care organization in Calhoun County,” says Cindy Carstens, CEO.

The IHA study examined the jobs, income, retail sales and sales tax produced by hospitals and the rest of the state’s health care sector. The study was compiled from hospital-submitted data on the American Hospital Association’s Annual Survey of Hospitals and with software that other industries have used to determine their economic impact.

The study found that Iowa hospitals di rectly employ 72,008 people and create another 55,492 jobs outside the hospital sector. As an income source, hospitals provide $4.5 billion in salaries and benefits and generate another $2.3 billion through other jobs that depend on hospitals.


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