SRF project wraps up in Lohrville

Erin Sommers Graphic-Advocate Editor

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When snow melts next spring, Lohrville should see less ponding in some areas where water traditionally stands, near the intersection of Lemon and Third streets.
“The locations in this area had no good storm water outlet, which led to ponding in these areas for an extended period of time,” I+S Group engineer David Doxtad said in an email to The Graphic-Advocate. “I believe I saw an old photo where the yards were completely covered in water and one of the residents outlined that the water would reach their garage. These bio retention cells provide not only an outlet but also the engineered soil for filtering the storm water prior to entering the new storm water system.”
To address the problem, Lohrville officials first applied for a state revolving fund loan to upgrade its waste water system, National Resources Conservation Service Urban Conservationist Derek Namanny said. Getting that loan meant the city would get 10 percent of the loan amount back to use for installing new conservation practices, as well as receive a Water Quality Initiative Grant that was also applied to the project. Working with I+S Group and eventually NRCS, city officials selected a bio-retention cell project to address the standing water problem. 
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