Spend some time learning about net neutrality – and consider asking the FCC not to abandon the concept

Erin Sommers Graphic-Advocate Editor

If I were a smarter person, I would be able to better explain why Americans should be up in arms about the Federal Communication Commission’s plan to abolish net neutrality.
Unfortunately, I’m a writer, not a techie, not a lawyer or someone in any other kind of profession who can properly explain the situation. But since I’m a writer, and since I think it’s worth paying attention to, I thought I’d offer this information instead. Right now, internet service providers are supposed to be allowing access to all website at the same speed – they aren’t supposed to slow down Netflix or YouTube just because it’s streaming, and certainly because Hulu paid them more money to make Hulu work better. That, in essence, sums up a lot of concerns about the loss of net neutrality – that consumers won’t get the chance to make their own choices about which websites to frequent, because their internet service provider (Mediacom, Windstream, TimeWarner, etc.) has cut a deal with one company to undercut another company. 
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