Short interaction highlights the effectiveness of our local law enforcement

Erin Sommers Graphic-Advocate Editor

What struck me the most about the story my father-in-law shared with me a few weeks ago was how easily everything could have gone differently.
Mike, my father-in-law who lives in Ohio, was staying with us at the end of October, along with my mother-in-law and my 4-year-old nephew. Mike came to town to help my husband replumb our downstairs bathroom, which is why, on a Thursday morning, he was alone in Fort Dodge at Menards. As so many of us do, he had his phone out, sat it down for a second, forgot about it and walked away. When he returned to where he had left it, it was gone.
He drove back to Rockwell City, where my mother-in-law reminded him that he had a tracker app on the phone. They used her phone to lock his phone remotely and check that app – and found that whoever had the phone hadn’t bothered to turn it off, but was driving around in Webster City. So Mike headed to the Rockwell City Hall, where he met with Officer Rich Shinn. Now mind you, in a larger jurisdiction, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that the local police said they couldn’t really offer much help – Mike’s phone was taken in one jurisdiction, while it was located in yet another jurisdiction. 
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