SCC student Ben Ludwig scours the Midwest in pursuit of local landmarks

The water tower, to many, is more than just a structure dedicated to pressurizing a water supply system for the distribution of potable water.

The water tower is an indicator, telling a weary traveler which town they are passing through or staying at. It is a local landmark of sorts, coming in all shapes and sizes, with designs ranging from simple logos to elaborate depictions of what the municipality offers.

The water tower could display its city’s name in cursive or in block lettering. It could be located anywhere – from the center of town to its outskirts, nestled right next to a major highway or placed in the vicinity of a cemetery.

The water tower can be hidden from the eye or it can be in a clearing for all to see. It is usually regarded with the same standing as a school building or a town square.

The water tower is what often a huge part of makes the town stand out.

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