SCC second-graders learn farm safety tips

SCC second-graders headed across the street from the school last week for the annual Farm Safety Day, led by ISU Extension and community volunteers. Here, two girls make bracelets with beads that change colors in the sunshine.  GRAPHIC-ADVOCATE PHOTO/ERIN SOMMERS

In a dimly light room at the Rockwell City United Methodist Church one afternoon last week, Calhoun County REC’s Keaton Hildreth captured the attention of a group of second-grade students.

Wearing a hard hat and gloves, Hildreth showed the South Central Calhoun Elementary School students exactly what could happen if they created a link between a live power line and the ground. A little doll, named Neon Leon, lit up a bright red when Hildreth used the figurine to create that grounding connection. Hildreth was speaking with students as part of Iowa State University Extension’s annual Farm Safety Day, which taught students about tractor and all-terrain vehicle safety, grain safety and sun safety.

Later in his presentation, Hildreth carefully touched a raw hot dog to the two power lines on his miniature display. The hot dog began to sizzle as the two ends burned.

“The hot dog is a lot like your finger or flesh,” Hildreth said. “Your bodies are made up of a lot of water. That’s why your bodies are good conductors.”

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