SCC board holds public forum on proposed facilities upgrades

Supporters of a multimillion-dollar improvement project in both of the primary communities in the South Central Calhoun school district argued that such an undertaking was long overdue during last Thursday night’s public hearing at the elementary gym in Rockwell City.

If a simple majority of voters approves the use of the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL) with a special vote on April 3, the district would spend approximately $5,000,000 to finance an elementary student services area, renovations to the high school lockers and an additional gym at the elementary school with parking. No improvements are planned for the middle school in Rockwell City.

Superintendent Jeff Kruse, who introduced the proposal, indicated that one of his primary goals in organizing the meetings was to dispel some of the more salacious gossip circulating among the general public.

“We’ve heard things like we’re going to build a brand new building out at the four or five mile corner, that’s one thing. The boys are going to get great lockers, and the girls, we’re not going to do anything (for)—or we’re going to keep those inequitable.

(We’ve also heard) that we’re trying to build a transgender restroom for this out of the funds,” he said. “There are a lot of rumors out there.”


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