Ridgely sisters claim sixth, seventh at State Meet

SCC long jumper Kaylynn Ridgely takes a leap into the sandpit during the Class 2A Girls Long Jump competition, held during the first day of the Iowa State Track and Field Meet on last Thursday at Drake Stadium in Des Moines. [Tyler Anderson/The Graphic-Advocate]

Freshman sprinter Jade Ridgely bolts down the straightaway during the preliminary round of the 200-meter dash, held in the first day of the Iowa State Track and Field Meet on last Thursday at Drake Stadium in Des Moines [Tyler Anderson/The Graphic-Advocate]

The Ridgely sisters – junior Kaylynn Ridgely and freshman Jade Ridgely – possess quite a few differences.

For instance, and possibly the most obvious of the lot, is that Kaylynn’s specialty is the field events while Jade’s home is on the track as a sprinter.

The common thread between the two, though, is their competitive nature. At the Iowa State Track and Field Meet, held this past weekend at Drake Stadium in Des Moines, the two have proved that they are among the best in Class 2A.

Kaylynn took home a seventh place finish in the Long Jump, while Jade was sixth overall in the 200-meter dash. Kaylynn earned her medal last Thursday, before Jade captured her accolade this past Saturday.

Jade competed in the 100-meter dash and the 400-meter dash last Thursday, as Kaylynn participated in the High Jump competition this past Friday.

Jade took fifth in the 100-meter dash with a time of 12.97 in the second heat of the event and recorded third in the first section of the 400-meter race with a time of 1:02.25. Overall, Jade narrowly missed the cut to the finals with a 10th place outing in the 100-meter dash, and was 17th in the 400-meter dash.

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