Reentry reintegration group helps former inmates adjust to life outside prison

Erin Sommers Graphic-Advocate Editor

Dennis Booth remembers clearly a conversation he had with a potential landlord several years ago, when he was trying to find a soon-to-be released inmate a rental home.
Booth explained the situation, how the inmate had a job lined up in Lytton and needed a place to live. He wasn’t quite sure how the homeowner would respond.
“The first words out of his mouth where, ‘I wish somebody would have helped me when I got out of prison,’” Booth said, recalling the conversation during a recent interview at St. Paul’s Lutheran and Presbyterian Church in Rockwell City.
Booth’s wife, Candace, said things fell into place when they were getting started helping recently released inmates. People donated home furnishings and a building owner in Lytton offered storage space for what they didn’t need right away.
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