Prison donation funds elementary ceramics project

A South Central Calhoun third-grade student paints a bunny last week. GRAPHIC-ADVOCATE PHOTO/ERIN SOMMERS

In Karen Wise’s art classroom April 10, Quinn Roller painted a lighter blue layer on top of a dark blue, ceramic rabbit.

“I want to give it to my mom,” Roller said, explaining his color choices. “She likes ice cream. I’m making it a blue bunny.”

The color is a reference to the Blue Bunny ice cream brand, he added, in case the connection wasn’t clear enough.

Martin Lozano’s rabbit was brown, as he was going for a more realistic-looking design. The boys agreed that the project, led by Rockwell City ceramics artist Diane Vavak and funded by a donation from inmates at North Central Correctional Facility, was awesome. 

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