Pioneer Days puts history within students’ reach

SCC sixth-grade students take a look at toys at Pioneer Days May 9 at the Calhoun County Museum. GRAPHIC-ADVOCATE PHOTO/ERIN SOMMERS

Calhoun County Museum board members were a little worried they wouldn’t have enough stations for Pioneer Days this year, board member Bonnie DeBolt said.

Those fears were unfounded, though, she said, as board members had more tables set up than there were groups of South Central Calhoun Middle School sixth-grade students May 9. New this year were displays of telephones, going from party phones to a flip cell phone, toys, irons and an extensive rock and geode collection.

Looking at the phones, one student asked museum volunteer Lynne Gentry how someone would have dialed 911 on a rotary phone.

“I have news for you,” Gentry said. “There wasn’t any 911. That’s a very recent invention.”

Gentry said when she and her husband, Dale, first moved to the area in the late 1970s, they still had a three-party telephone line. 

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