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Lake City native Lance Cpl. Henely shares Marine Corps experiences
For more than 225 years, the armed forces have been, and continue to be, an unbreakable line of defense for the United States. No matter what branch of the military – the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, their respective Reserves and the National Guard  – the armed forces play a crucial role in protecting America, her citizens and her interests at home and abroad.
This unbreakable line is comprised of men and women from all 50 states – from Key West to Cape Wrangell, Alaska, and from West Quoddy Head, Maine, to Ka Lae, Hawaii.
Holidays are celebrated to honor those who have served, those who had fallen in the service of this service and those who currently serve. The most recent of those was Memorial Day, held last Monday.
One of those who serve and hail from Calhoun County is Lance Corporal Joel Henely of the U.S. Marine Corps. The Lake City native had previously worked in construction in Rockwell City and went to Northeast Iowa Community College prior to enlisting.
Lance Cpl. Henely is also an outdoors guy through and through, as he enjoys hunting and fishing. Nonetheless, the lance corporal is humble and eloquent in his stature.
For security reasons, Henely’s present location cannot be disclosed. However, to send letters of support and encouragement, you may contact Jane Henely.
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