Never alone: a journey through heart surgery Part Two

Landon Spafford and Dr. Law. (Submitted photo)

This series tells the story of Landon Spafford’s journey through heart surgery this fall. Mother Wendy Spafford continues with part two of the story in her own words below: the journey from ER to PICU, through heart surgery, and safely back home with a pacemaker, where Landon is once again healthy and happy. Spafford’s goal in telling this story is to share a message with other parents and kids suffering from health issues: “You are not alone.”

Thursday, October 4

Morning came early, and with that came early morning talk of going to Iowa City today, this morning. Wow, really? What time? Probably right away. I got on the phone and called the family to tell them. Everyone would want to come and tell us goodbye.

There was also concern of having Landon’s surgery when he still had a virus, and was Iowa City the best place to go for surgery?

As the person staying in the hospital with Landon 24 hours a day until he came home, I had a lot of conversations with nurses, doctors, and others that sometimes did not get relayed to the family at home.

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