Lundberg returns to Calhoun County as juvenile court officer

Not too long ago, Emilea Lundberg found a note at her office in the Calhoun County Courthouse.

The note was written by the dad of a girl Lundberg had worked with in her capacity as a juvenile court officer. The girl had turned her life around, the note said, and had attended college.

Those are the kinds of notes Lundberg, who has worked as a juvenile court officer for more than 20 years, treasures.

Lundberg was studying education at Iowa State University, nearly ready to graduate, when she met a probation officer, who started telling stories about his line of work. She decided to add a criminology minor to her degree and began to work and volunteer for the probation office. She went on to work in adult probation before meeting someone working in the same line of work, but focusing on juveniles. 

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