Lohrville hog matrix draws landowner letters

The manure management plan for a planned hog confinement near Lohrville proposes to spread manure near Purgatory Creek, which is home to the Topeka shiner, a federally designated endangered species.

Calhoun County Matrix Agent Shelly Schossow said she has asked the Iowa Department of Natural Resources what impact, if any, the proximity of the critical habitat to the area designated for spreading manure from the proposed 4,996-unit hog confinement in Union Township would be. She told the Board of Supervisors at its April 3 meeting she had not received a response to that question. That question aside, Schossow said the confinement, from applicant Wade Gemberling, met the minimum number of points on the matrix application.

Supervisor Scott Jacobs reminded the half dozen community members – mostly people who live near the proposed site – that the board’s options are limited when considering a matrix. The board can accept it as presented, but at least allow for a public hearing, or it can cede all responsibility back to the DNR, which can overrule any denial by a local board. 

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