THE LIGER’S DEN: The summer sports scene is on the rise at SCC

SCC head softball coach John Kennedy celebrates following a hit by the Titans during their fifth inning rally on July 12 at The Titan Diamond at the SCC Summer Sports Complex in Lytton. JFK, along with assistant coach Kari Musselman, have been instrumental toward the big turnaround within the program. [Tyler Anderson/The Graphic-Advocate]

Hey yo, Liger Legionaries. It’s hot outside.

It’s so hot, that I have to (sometimes) ditch the collared shirt and jeans for more comfy summer attire, such as a t-shirt and a pair of basketball shorts. Please forgive me if you visit with me and I blind you with my atrocious farmer’s tan.

I mean, it’s pretty bad. I remember getting hot when I worked club baseball in the Texas Panhandle, but as long as you’re staying hydrated or hanging out in the shade, you’re quite all right.

It’s a different story with humidity. I believe there’s at least five times where I soaked through all of my clothes with how much sweat I kicked.

The latest of those bouts of getting sweat soaked was this past Thursday, where I was in a non-air conditioned gym for a photoshoot. Talk about a sauna in there.

Since we’re touching on the subject of summertime, let’s talk about the boys and girls of summer – the South Central Calhoun baseball and softball teams.

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