Inspector: Pipeline loaded with oil, tile fixes underway

A Dakota Access pipeline warning sign is seen May 12 near Rockwell City. GRAPHIC-ADVOCATE PHOTO/ERIN SOMMERS

Dakota Access has just one crew assigned to repair damaged tiles in an area that spans from Interstate 80 to 18 miles into Cherokee County, an inspector told the Calhoun County Board of Supervisors May 9.

Cole Kruizenga, a project chief with ISG, the engineering firm contracted to provide the pipeline site inspections, said he didn’t know offhand the total number of tile repairs to be completed in Calhoun County.

“They’ve only made on repair in Calhoun County so far,” Kruizenga said, adding the crew then moved to Buena Vista and Webster counties. “I don’t know why they’re bouncing (around the state) like that.”

Supervisor Mike Cooper said he wondered why Dakota Access officials were moving so slowly to complete the final construction items. The company must meet an Oct. 18 deadline.

“With four months left, you would think, depending on how many items they’re expecting that one crew to do, they’re not going to get there.” 

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