Gentry picked for Libertarian ticket

A Calhoun County resident will be on the Libertarian Party’s gubernatorial team ticket.

Lynne Gentry, a retired Southern Cal High School English teacher, joined the Libertarian Party in 2009. The party selected her as the lieutenant governor candidate to run with Jake Porter at a nominating convention June 9; Porter won the party’s nomination during the June 5 Primary.

Gentry said she and Porter are opposites in ways that cover lots of territory.

“He’s a millennial, I’m a baby boomer,” she said. “He works in the private sector. I spent my career in the public sector. He’s urban, I enjoy rural things. He’s digital. I’m analogue.”

One of the party’s main goals with this election is to maintain party status – to get enough votes during the governor’s race to continue to be considered by the state to be a major political party. To that end, Gentry’s main campaigning efforts will be to cross the state, visiting with Iowans about what the party represents and why it is a good alternative to voting for Republicans or Democrats. 

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