Ernst hears tariff concerns at Lytton’s Essentia plant

While some Iowans are in limbo, awaiting new trade deals that will address tariffs on American goods exported to China, U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst said Friday she has also met with Iowa business officials who are benefitting from the trade war.

Ernst, on a tour of Essentia in Lytton, said she recently met with officials at a company that makes heavy equipment in Iowa.

“They’re doubling the number of employees because of the tariffs,” she said. “That’s really very positive for small companies.”

Nix Lauridsen, chairman of the Lauridsen Group, which owns Essentia and six other companies that have processing plants around the world, said China imposed a 28 percent tariffs on the dairy byproducts that it exports there.

Ernst said she has been pressing President Donald Trump to resolve the trade wars the imposition of tariffs created.

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