Dream leads Vavak to open ceramics shop near Rockwell City

Diane Vavak stands with some of the ceramics she has made in her Calhoun County shop. GRAPHIC-ADVOCATE PHOTO/ERIN SOMMERS

Diane Vavak had long wanted to own her own business.

The Rockwell City resident used to dream about what kind of business she could open, think about inventory and pricing, focus on any kind of detail as she suffered in an abusive marriage.

Eventually, she was able to escape the marriage; six years later, she met her now husband, Tim, who told her, in 2009, he was going to make her dream come true.

The Vavaks bought an acreage east of Rockwell City and built the building that now houses her ceramics shop; another building on the property is home to the 40,000-plus ceramics molds she has accumulated since.

Her first 16,000 molds came from a woman who lived near Manson who had been making ceramics and wanted to retire. In addition to the molds, Vavak bought six kilns.

“People would call me (and say), ‘Get these molds out of my garage,’” she said. “In this whole process, I’ve probably bought out 10 businesses.”


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