The doctor is in: Summer play sends nursery rhyme characters to the clinic

On the stage in the South Central Calhoun High School auditorium, Nathan Burley, playing The Crooked Man from the nursery rhyme of the same name, explained to his physician why getting straightened out was causing him so many problems.

For one, The Crooked Man said, his shoes no longer fit his feet correctly. For another, no one wants to hear a story about a perfectly normal man whose possessions are crooked.

“I can’t even eat curly fries,” Burley shouted in exasperation to Doc Goose, played by Arieanna Grage. “I’ve got to be the way I was before.”

The scene is one of many throughout the show, “Doc, Doc Goose,” that takes traditional nursery rhymes and puts a humorous twist on them. Directed by John Smith, the summer play will be presented to audiences 7 p.m. Saturday and 2 p.m. Sunday. 

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