Damage brings down book walk signs in Lohrville for the second time

Twice this summer, something has knocked down book walk signs on the Lohrville walking trail.

J.J. Hands Librarian Kez Cline said she wasn’t sure what caused the damage last week that brought down two signs.

Earlier this summer, “there was one time every single sign was knocked down,” she added. She said she wasn’t sure wind would have knocked down all of the signs at once, since some of the signs were in protected spots. This time, just two signs were knocked down, and the plywood broken. A Lohrville city employee picked up the signs and reported the damage to Cline, who contacted the library board member to made the signs, to see if the signs can be repaired.

The book walk is part of the library’s summer reading program. This year’s theme was “Building a Better World.”

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