Community Thanksgiving meal group donates $500 to Food Bank

Lake City Mayor Tyler Holm, lef t, helps a volunteer prepare to serve food at the Lake City Community Meal on Thanksgiving. Attendees donated $1,100, enough to pay for the 2018 meal and make a $500 donation to the Food Bank at Woodlawn Christian Church in Lake City. PHOTO PROVIDED

The Food Bank at Woodlawn Christian Church is $500 richer this year, thanks to extra donations made for the Lake City Community Thanksgiving meal.

Meal organizers picked the Food Bank last month, and Lake City Mayor Tyler Holm delivered the check over the holidays.

“We kind of sprung it on them,” Holm said. “I didn’t give them any stipulations (about how to use the money). We left it up to their discretion.”

Holm said donations to cover the cost of the community meal far exceeded expectations. “It was absolutely heartwarming that that many people came and enjoyed (the meal) and donated,” he said.

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