With campaigns in swing, some residents contacting city hall about sign rules

A campaign sign is seen near a business. GRAPHIC-ADVOCATE PHOTO/ERIN SOMMERS

The number one rule when it comes to displaying campaign candidate signs each election season, local officials say, is to get permission from the landowner.

That may seem like common sense – but state legislators felt it was important enough to spell out in the Iowa Code, along with other regulations, such as not placing signs on state-owned property or too close to polling places on election day.

Rockwell City Clerk Kelly Smidt said it’s also important to keep signs out of the right-of-way. That doesn’t always happen at the start of the campaign season, or at least it didn’t this year.

“We just had people calling and asking where signs are supposed to be,” Smidt said last week. “I think most of (the signs in the right-of-way) have been moved.”

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