Calling for a Snow Day: SCC uses teamwork, communication when it comes to wintry conditions

In a stark contrast to the negative double-digit temperatures, The Graphic-Advocate area was still frigid, in spite of the 11-degree reading, as shown on the South Central Calhoun High School sign on Thursday evening in Lake City. SCC didn’t begin their school week until 10 a.m. this past Thursday. [Tyler Anderson/The Graphic-Advocate]

The winters of Iowa are known to be quite unfriendly. It comes with the territory, as Iowans brace for the cold, northern winds and the white substance of snowfall from the autumn celebration of Halloween to well past the Ides of March.

Just this past week, the polar vortex of 2019 rivaled t hat of the temperatures of notable cold spots such as Mount Everest and Antarctica. On Wednesday alone, the wind chill dipped down to -44 degrees Fahrenheit.

While these subzero conditions prompted many people to chuck boiling water into the air or make light of the situation, many schools around the Midwestern portion of the United States closed their doors for a majority of the week.

For the first three days of last week, the South Central Calhoun Community School District had called off classes and postponed its basketball games to the weekend. Due to such conditions, the SCC wrestling team also cancelled their final regular season set of duals, instead prepping for their sectional tournament on Saturday in Mapleton.

On Monday, it was due to whiteout conditions and extremely cold temperatures kept the buses in the barn and the students at home.

In fact, the school week for the students of SCC began at 10 a.m. on Thursday.

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