Calhoun County Museum begins object talk series

In an effort to reach new audiences, and to highlight some of the kinds of items on display within its walls, the Calhoun County Museum has started a four-week series of discussions, starting with a look at the cloth apron.

The once-ubiquitous, usually cotton covering served a multitude of purposes, Uyntha Duncan told a small group of women at the museum July 26.

“The principal use of an apron was to protect Grandma’s dress, because she only had a few,” Duncan said.

Aprons were easier to wash than dresses, and required less fabric, making them an economical and frugal addition to any woman’s wardrobe.

Duncan said apron-wearers found lots of other uses, too.

“It was used as a potholder,” she said. “I can remember my grandma using an apron as a potholder. It was wonderful for drying children’s tears. On occasion, it was good for cleaning children’s ears.”

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