Awareness brings amended potholes to Lake City Food Center

Even though you may not notice it, the Lake City Food Center received some help when it came to potholes, when the Iowa Department of Transportation amended the issue on July 23. [Tyler Anderson/The Graphic-Advocate]

When pulling into the Lake City Food Center, customers were often greeted by going over a few small potholes. When it rains, the local running joke was that the city with everything but a lake does indeed possess a lake in the grocery store’s parking lot.

Thanks to a some helpful phone calls, some social media awareness and support from the City of Lake City, the Lake City Food Center saw its issue amended on July 23 by the Iowa Department of Transportation.

Even though the fixes aren’t entirely visible to the naked eye, the pools of water that have come from the recent rains are noticeably smaller.

According to Lake City Food Center co-owner Suzy Peterson, it was a little bit of a process.

“We were initially planning to fix the potholes ourselves,” Peterson said. “I was told that we had call the state. I contacted the DOT, but they never said anything much about it.”

Due to social media awareness brought about from Lohrville resident Jim Hirschberg, the wheels began to turn in favor of the Lake City Food Center. Should the Iowa DOT be unable to help out the grocery store, the City of Lake City would volunteer to step in and fix the potholes.

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