Assessment values increase in Calhoun County, raise concerns from residents

Tyler Anderson

Should you have a friend or family member who lives within the Des Moines metropolitan area, they may have posted this type of picture onto their preferred social media platform. The picture is comprised of a wooden shack – abandoned, decrepit and located far from society – valued at $45,000 by the Polk County Assessor.
Even though this meme – a humorous image, video or piece of text that is copied and spread over the Internet – is meant to provide a chuckle to those in on the joke, it gives a deeper meaning to those who have been affected by the recent hike of property values throughout the state of Iowa.
A county assessor, who determines all real property under their jurisdiction except that which is otherwise provided by law, provides these values. The assessor revalues property every two years, and 2019 was indeed one of those two years.
For a majority of the residents of Calhoun County, they saw a rise in property value. While a rise in property value is relatively good, that also means higher property taxes.
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