Adult coloring booming in Calhoun County

Carol Laidler, left, and Kathy Baker chat and laugh while coloring at the Lake City Public Library Feb. 18. GRAPHIC-ADVOCATE PHOTO/ERIN SOMMERS 

Gert Hying can hardly keep colored pencils and gel pens on the shelves at the Calhoun County Variety Store in Lake City.

Coloring books make up a cheerful window display at the store on the town square. A tall shelf is filled with a variety of books, with subjects to color ranging from simple patters to complex animal and floral designs.

The coloring craze, which took off nationwide last year, has been “excellent in the store,” Hying said.

Cashier Molly Carstens hung up several of her finished drawings above the coloring books, giving shoppers an idea of what they can do with fine-tipped pens and finely sharpened colored pencils.

She recently began dipping colored pencil tips in Vaseline, which evens out the color, she said. She also has become active in online groups that talk about coloring and compare finished drawings. Some people are so into coloring, they will pay $200 for a packet of special colored pencils. Though she’d like them, Carstens said she wouldn’t spend that much money for colored pencils. 

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