AAUW brings STEM night to Rockwell City

At the Rockwell City Public Library Nov. 15, more than a dozen girls sat in pairs, each working with a selection of Legos.

“We’re talking about teamwork,” Nicole Fannin of the Iowa State University Extension said, explaining the task the girls had. “We’re also talking about learning from experience.”

For this particular project, the pairs were each given two identical sets of Legos. One girl would build something, then she had to describe her creation to her partner, trying to guide the partner to recreate the structure, without the partner being able to see the original.

By the time the girls switched roles, with the second partner describing her construction, they had gotten better at describing their work, with several teams successfully completing the challenge.

The event, sponsored by the Rockwell City America Association of University Women, happens every other year, giving middle school girls a chance to come together and learn about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

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