‘Water Rocks’ program teaches students about wetlands

Children play a wetlands hopscotch July 27 at the Lake City Public Library. GRAPHIC-ADVOCATE PHOTO/ERIN SOMMERS

The challenge at the Lake City Public Library Thursday afternoon looked easy enough at first. Summer reading club participants broke into two groups in front of a set of carpet squares laid out like a hopscotch course. Each square featured a different picture, an outline of a state or country, beginning with Canada and ending with Mexico.

Then came the game rules – the children would hop from square to square, pretending to be birds migrating from north to south for the winter. Each square represented a state along that route, a state where the wetlands provided safe habitat for the migrating birds. But, Water Rocks intern Andrew Hillman said, the route wouldn’t be easy and it would get more difficult as the game progressed. After a practice round hopping down the course, Hillman pulled a piece of paper from a glass jar. He declared the wetlands in one state had been drained to make way for a new highway, then removed that state from the route. 

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