‘Family Treasure Roadshow’ planned for Memorial Day weekend

Virginia Sheffield plans to have this family quilt appraised at the Family Treasures Roadshow May 27, in hopes of learning whether her grandmother created the pattern. PHOTO PROVIDED

Bill Albright remembers playing with his grandfather’s carpentry tools as a kid.

These days, Albright acknowledges he probably shouldn’t have been playing with the sharp tools. He’s held on to them, though, even displaying some in his office, and he’s taking one such item, a Stanley plow plane, which would have been used to cut grooves in wood, to the Family Treasure Roadshow later this month.

“It’s kind of a unique-looking thing,” Albright said of the plane. “It has decorations in the metal, kind of a flower tooling. It’s in good shape.”

Albright knows some of the piece’s history – his mother said her father, Albert Seymour, used the tool in the 1920s, when he was a carpenter. Seymour came to Lake City around 1918 from Illinois, with plans to join a relative and farm. Instead, he became a carpenter, Albright said, settling on the city’s north side.

Appraisers will review such family treasures at the event, providing nonbinding appraisals and information about the antique items. 

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