The Graphic-Advocate’s Super Sub Scratch-off to return on May 12

Tyler Anderson
Editor, The Graphic-Advocate

Circle that calendar for May 12, and start playing your favorite hype music.

The Graphic-Advocate’s popular Super Sub Scratch-off, which was introduced in 2019, will return for 2021 and will be within our sampler edition, set to hit every mailbox within Calhoun County on May 12.

The best part about the complementary scratch off ticket is that The Graphic-Advocate gives its readers, subscribers and supporters a chance to win even more free papers, up to as many as 52 weeks.

In the May 12 edition, the subscription scratch off card will be inserted in the newspaper. However, don’t scratch the card just yet.

To qualify, you need to bring your clean ticket to The Graphic-Advocate’s office, located at 121 N. Center Street in Lake City and purchase a one-year subscription to your hometown newspaper. 

Once you have paid for the subscription, you will scratch the ticket in front of us to see how many months of additional FREE newspapers you will receive - from two weeks to a full 12 months.

Better yet, every card is a winner. Remember, do not scratch your card before you come in, or it will void the ticket.  All new and current subscribers are eligible. But, the offer is not good on previously purchased subscriptions.

If you can’t make it to our office, that’s completely fine. We can help.

Simply sign the back of your unscratched card, and mail it to us with your one year’s subscription order and payment. Once received, our staff will scratch the card in the office for you and automatically add the additional weeks that you win.

Along with the super subscription ticket, The Graphic-Advocate will feature its annual Graduation Special Section.

Week in and week out, The Graphic-Advocate strives to provide our communities with local news, community updates, upcoming events and the latest from the South Central Calhoun Titans.


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