Rockwell City plans SRF loan to fund water line expansion

Rockwell City Council members indicated they are on board with a plan to apply for a State Revolving Fund loan to finance running a water line from the city to Twin Lakes.

The water line project would meet several needs, ISG Engineer David Doxtad said at a council meeting April 2. First, it provides a sustained water source to Twin Lakes residents. Second, the route from Rockwell City would follow Highway 4, past the gas station at the intersection with U.S. 20. Putting water along that route opens that area up for additional commercial development. The third benefit is to the city itself, which gains a large water customer. The Twin Lakes Utility would function as a single customer, maintaining responsibility for distributing water to customers around the lake. Rockwell City would maintain and operate the water lines up to the point at which the lines reach the utility’s system. 

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