Rockwell City council approves hiring of Feldhans as part-time police officer, bring in pool and mowing employees

The City Council of Rockwell City went into hiring mode – approving a part-time police officer, two city pool managers, 17 lifeguards and six mowers – in their latest meeting, held on April 1 at City Hall in Rockwell City.

The council also discussed the placement of planters on the city square with the Rockwell City Chamber & Development, and met with Public Works Director Phil Hammen concerning street repair over the course of the 35-minute session.

Following the approval of minutes and bills, the council approved the motion to hire Jordan Feldhans as a part-time officer for the Rockwell City Police Department. Feldhans’s entry into the RCPD is contingent on completing all testing, and the city will certify him once Feldhans signs his contract.

Should Feldhans leave the RCPD prior to five years’ time, he must repay the City of Rockwell City, according to the contract.

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