Calhoun County approves resolution joining potential class action suit over opioids

Iowa counties, including Calhoun, are joining a nationwide effort to bring a lawsuit against pharmaceutical manufacturers for promoting opioids.

Iowa State Association of Counties Executive Director William Peterson wrote a letter to all 99 Iowa counties in November urging boards of supervisors to join the lawsuit, brought by firms out of Wisconsin.

The idea behind the lawsuit, Peterson said, is to hold drug manufacturers responsible for damages to the public, incurred by misrepresenting the safety of using opioids.

“The ISAC Board believes it is important for counties in Iowa to join counties in other states to form a unified front on this litigation,” Peterson wrote. “It is their hope that Iowa counties can be an example of strength in this unified and coordinated effort.”

The Calhoun County Board of Supervisors approved ISAC’s proposed resolution at their Jan. 2 meeting.

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